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SPEEKOO is a language application launched in 2015 by a passionate language learner, who wants to spread its unique method. Tailored to give the basics speaking reflexes of the new language, it is an extremely fast and rewarding way to learn.

In 9 years, the company reached more than 1 million users by offering 6 languages from English to Japanese. TI-LEA has joined the team just after the launched of its MVP and has supported its launch.

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Differentiation strategy

We made Speekoo differentiate from competitors by offering an immersive travel experience that emphasizes cultural engagement and authentic local interactions, rather than just language learning.

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We recruited and managed a gaphic designer, up to 10 content creators and a developper to make it happen. A strong product needs a strong team.

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Product Developpement

We focused on creating a seamless and engaging user experience by incorporating user feedback, diverse exercises, and a visually rich travel-themed learning journey.

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Marketing Launch

We centered our digital communication plan on our travel experience differentiation by leveraging Instagram to reach the target market of travelers.

How to launch a competitive app?

1. From MVP to positionning

When TI-LEA joined the early-stage start-up, the first version of the website had been just launched under a different name : Learnmylanguage. The success has been quite immediate with 5 000 users in less than two weeks, but the limits of the MVP were already raising : a hard to remind name and a high rate of user activity loss after the second session.

Based on the first outputs of the MVP, TI-LEA has been able to imagine a specific Positioning in line with users, market and founder expectations : a travel experience over language learning. Imagined as an immersive experience, it aims to give a clear vision of the output of the product to the users, to differentiate from the strong competitors and to surf on the attractiveness of the travel storytelling.

More than another language learning application, the Positioning made it a tool for each and every traveler who wants to get in touch with locals.

2. From positionning to recruitment

Once the Positioning was validated, TI-LEA and the founder decided to follow an agile Marketing Strategy. Keeping the Positioning as the base of it, the Marketing Strategy focused on spreading the travel spirit over the future tools designed for the aspiring travellers : a responsive web app, a mobile app and social media.

In order to make it happen, TI-LEA recruited and managed the designing and editing teams and took part in the research and integration of the IT team.

3. From marketing strategy to brand identity

With the team and skills ready, the Marketing Strategy evolved in a physical Brand Image. It began with the choice of the name designed to both be descriptive enough to evoke the basic use of the future app and to be easy to remember. Speekoo has been the final choice : short, smart and full of energy.

Then came the logo and the graphical chart that has been declined carefully on each and every media and tools. With a unique eye-catching pink and the omnipresence of pictures of people traveling or spreading their culture, TI-LEA and Speekoo have together made the choice to proudly enhance the initial Positioning.

4. From brand identity to UX-UI Designed Webapp & App

The learning process has been thought to be both easy to go through and exciting enough to stay in. To do so TI-LEA applied a unique mix of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) by

  • Creating a fluid and diversified learning process together with the founder and users’ feedbacks. To do so we imagined different kinds of exercises mixed together in a logical path.

  • Integrating the travel experience over the learning process through a deep visual and editing work. The final outcome is a travel through the levels over the different countries where each language can be used with a taste of unique and funny cultural content.

The architecture and the design of the whole apps have been carefully tailored to create the final products available on computer, tablet, IOS Apple Store and Android Google Play.

5. From product to digital communication plan

As soon as the development of the Web App and the mobile Apps starts, TI-LEA focused on the communication strategy. Regarding Speekoo’s internal resources and target market, the digital communication was the logical choice to make. Based on this natural orientation, the social media has been chosen to be the way to spread Speekoo over the travellers’ word. Instagram, the most used social media at this time by the target, has been the main focus.

The type of content has been thought in an agile way. It has been imagined first on the same identity of the app and the web app, thanks to a bank of powerful pictures of travellers that the design and editing teams carefully recruited. Then it has also been based in a testing strategy. It means that new types of content have been posted time to time to discover which kind of content was the most efficient on our audience from unique picture designs to various video type of contents.

Through this whole 7-months process, Speekoo acquired its final version and was ready to launch.

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User Engagement

+1 Million downloads 


+9k followers on Instagram


4,8⭐ on Playstore with 106K reviews

4,7⭐ stars on Apps Store with 3,5K reviews

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