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3 dashboards (Sublisport, EcoFoote & HarmonyCell)

Dashbaord UX-UI Design

Performant, Hierarchical & Accessible

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User Research and Analysis

Conducting in-depth product, industry and user research to understand the needs and workflows of diverse user roles interacting with the dashboard. 

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Wireframing and Prototyping

Designing detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes to outline the structure and functionality of complex dashboards. 

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UI Design and Data Visualization

Developing visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces with a focus on clear data visualization. 

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Usability and Accessibility

Refering to best practices for usability and accessibility, such as WCAG guidelines, to ensure the dashboard intuitiveness to all users.

Mockup of HarmonyCell dashboard displaying a side menu, a main page with next tasks and a side block with calendar and appointments

Harmony Cell

Cancer treatment SAS

Thanks to our UX-UI Design and Brand Design experience, we challenged the original engineer UX-design to create a smooth and emergency-fitting experience to this platform. 

Indeed, the challenge of this platform was to create a simple platform for cross-medical teams performing blood cancer treatment to communicate in the fastest and most efficient way.  

for Whatzhat Agency

dashboard Sublisport, Dashboard page dedicated to cloth color customization

Subli sport

Sport clothes customization dashboard

Based on the Brand Image and UX Design offered by Whatzhat Agency, I designed the different steps of the dashboard. Complexity remained in the high customization capacity offered by the client. 

Together, we have created a smooth and beautiful experience, which matches the Brand vision and image.

for Whatzhat Agency

dashboard Ecofoote, dashboard page summarizing a company carbon footprint impact by categories, offering next step idea and training


B-to-B carbon optimization dahsboard

Ecofoote guides companies in their carbon consumption optimization by offering data, suppliers and training.

It includes multiple features such as: carbon footprint modelization, goals management and solutions display. Thanks to UX-UI and diagram Design, we created a comfortable and performant experience.

dashboard AC Bois, dashboard page dedicated to orders management

AC Bois

Wood materials retailer dashboard

This eshop website was in need of a decicated dashboard for their professional and individual clients to follow their renovation projetcs. 

It includes multiple features such as: products by project, orders, bills and appointments display. Thanks to UX-UI Design and careful choices in colors and best practices, we created a comfortable and accessible experience for both B-to-C and B-to-B users.

mobile apps

Mockup of Speekoo app

Smooth user experience

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