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Mockup of an app displaying two women and the text: "Your Inclusive UX-UI journey"

UX-UI Design

Inclusive Agency Paris-Seoul

Sustainable design: Environment focused
Accessibility: Contrast WGAG 2.0
Inclusive design: multi-cultures, LGBTQIA+, all-ages and all-bodies

User-driven design

Simplify your user experience by making it accessible for all.

Thanks to an inclusive approach of UX-UI design, we can make any of your mobile app, website and dashboard accessible to a larger variety of users. It doesn’t only make it accessible for more users but also more comfortable to every user. 

4 people in green and natural colors
A non-binary teanager with 2 long braids
A black old woman with glasses and a big smile
A blind woman with short hair and sunglasses
A middle-aged man with middle east clothes
Mockup of Speekoo app

App UX-UI Design

Speekoo – Learning language app – 1M+ downloads

Thanks to our Product Design vision, we brought the original idea from a learning language app with low competitive advantage to a travelling experience with high added value.  

Together with the design team, we created a strong user experience based on users-testing experience.

4,8⭐ on Playstore with 106K reviews
4,7⭐ stars on Apps Store with 3,5K reviews
Mockup of HarmonyCell dashboard displaying a side menu, a main page with next tasks and a side block with calendar and appointments

Dashboard UX-UI Design

HarmonyCell – Cancer treatment SAS

Thanks to our UX-UI Design and Brand Design experience, we challenged the original engineer UX-design to create a smooth and emergency-fitting experience to this platform. 

Indeed, the challenge of this platform was to create a simple platform for cross-department and cross-establishment medical teams to communicate in the fastest and most efficient way.  

Logo of whatzhat

for Whatzhat Agency

Brand Images

Driven by Candice

+8 years of Cross-cultural experience

France • India • Korea • US • Vietnam

as UX-UI Design & Project Management

Drawing of the creator, short-hair person, with the earth and a white tiger holding a phone


Education • Medical • Ecology • Dating • Finance • Marketing

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